Given that Ray E B bisects ∠CEA, which statements must be true? Select three options. m∠CEA = 90° m∠CEF = m∠CEA + m∠BEF m∠CEB = 2(m∠CEA) ∠CEF is a straight angle. ∠AEF is a right angle.

Accepted Solution

Answer:mCEA = 90ᴼ because CEA is a right angle, and right angles have 90ᴼ measures.CEF is a straight angle because there are two 90ᴼ angles (CEA and AEF) and therefore there is 180ᴼ in total. A straight line has a measure of 180ᴼ.AEF is a right angle because if CEA is a right angle and CEF is a straight line, then AEF has to be a right angle.